Dongguan Nabai Medical Technology Co.,ltd

Dongguan Nabai Medical Technology Co.,ltd Founded in 2010, it is a high-quality CDMO model supplier focusing on the medical device industry. The company currently has three production bases with a workshop area of 60,000 square meters.

Nabai Medical Technology Provide professional medical device industrial design, research and development optimization, prototype industrial customization, mold design and manufacturing, injection molding, precision sheet metal machining and medical device assembly OEM production services, covering the entire ecological chain of upstream precision components for medical devices. Manufacturing, OEM, is a leading domestic supplier of CDMO model covering the whole process of large, medium and small medical device structural parts.

Nabai Medical Technology It is a high-quality national high-tech enterprise. The company currently has 38 patents, of which 8 are invention patents. Nabai Medical Technology Since its establishment, it has focused on technology research and development and industrial upgrading. It has invested nearly 100 million yuan to introduce various high-tech talents and intelligent equipment, and has mastered advanced technology in the fields of industrial design, research and development optimization, and prototype customization, which is second to none in the industry.

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