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Nabai Important development news

In July 2020, it received a 100 million yuan strategic investment from Yunfeng Fund.

Nabai Important development news

In June 2017, it passed the 2016 Dongguan Machine Substitution Application Project subsidy.

In June 2017, the Fenggang Township Bureau of Commerce and the Bureau of Economic and Information Technology visited the site to investigate and solve the problems of Nabai factory land, talent settlement and children's enrollment.

In June 2017, Zhu Guohe, secretary of Fenggang Town, led the Standing Committee, the Bureau of Commerce, the Bureau of Economic and Information Technology and other teams to conduct a site survey to gain in-depth understanding of the problems encountered by Nabai in the development of the company and work on site.

In May 2017, the high-tech enterprise cultivation funds, the high-tech enterprise recognition reward funds and the special funds of the Dongguan high-tech enterprise "seedling cultivation and afforestation" action plan were successfully declared.

In May 2017, it officially declared as a national high-tech enterprise.

Participated in the 77th CMEF Spring Exhibition in Shanghai in May 2017.

In April 2017, it carried out a comprehensive strategic cooperation trial business plan with Shenzhen Changhong Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300151).

In April 2017, the company initiated the registration of self-assessment talents in Dongguan City to solve the problem of settlement of senior talents.

In February 2017, it was awarded the key enterprise of Dongguan City’s Enterprise Scale and Benefit Doubling Plan.

In February 2017, the large-scale medical precision injection molding department built with a lot of money was successfully put into production.

Data in January 2017 showed that sales in 2016 increased by about 100% year-on-year.

Nabai Important development news

In December 2016, the chairman of the company was elected as the vice chairman of Fenggang Town Federation of Industry and Commerce and its executive committee.

In December 2016, 5 utility model patents were recognized.

In December 2016, the equipment debugging of Nabaifenggang branch was completed and officially put into production.

In November 2016, Nabaifenggang branch was established, with a plant area of ​​about 8,000 square meters.

Participated in the 76th CMEF Autumn Fair in Shenzhen in October 2016.

The medical precision machining department established in October 2016 was successfully put into production.

In August 2016, he was elected as the standing director unit of Guangdong Machinery Mould Association.

In July 2016, CCTV-2 set of programs interviewed the chairman.

In June 2016, Governor Yuan Baocheng of Guangdong Province visited Nabai’s booth and cordially asked about the role of companies in the industry in the national medical reform policy. He actively invested in the national medical reform services and provided support for the national medical device companies with component assembly services. Affirmation and high hopes.

Participated in the 75th CMEF Spring Fair in Shanghai in April 2016.

In April 2016, it was officially renamed Nabai Medical Technology Co., Ltd., which fully penetrated the component assembly of the medical device industry.

In March 2016, the first British TV 3D Optiscan 3D white light scanning system was purchased to realize the automatic upgrade of product inspection.

In February 2016, the precision tooling department equipment was updated, and the total new investment exceeded 15 million yuan, realizing full coverage of mold processing for large, medium and small molds of medical equipment.

Nabai Important development news

In September 2015, the Series A financing was completed. Successfully introduced a number of high-quality investment companies and the well-known investor, Mr. Wu Guangming, Chairman of Merchant Yuyue Group.

Nabai Important development news

In 2011, 3 invention patents were recognized.

Focus on high-quality CDMO model suppliers in the medical device industry